Internal linking is one of the best ways to not only get all of your blog posts indexed, it’s great for your readers. I know there are a ton of SEO tips on this, but I want to stress the importance. When you post internal links, Google and the other SEs will crawl those links, thus indexing the rest of your blog.

When a reader comes to your site and they see that you have provided a link to another post that is relevant to what they were searching for, they will click on it. Since the Penguin updates, you have to watch out for your anchor texts.

Make sure that you’re not using the same old anchor text over and over again for your internal and external linking or you’re going to get penalized. Make all of your affiliate links nofollow so you get as much link juice out of each individual post.

3. Over Optimization

Yes, I use Traffic Travis and yes I make sure that all of my posts are optimized before I publish them. However, I do not go overboard with the despite what other SEO tips tell me.

There are a few things that I do to make sure that none of my posts are going to be flagged as over optimized. The first thing I do is I never add alternate descriptions to my images. I only go with one description and if the crawlers miss it, too bad. Another thing I like to do is throw in one or two wacky tags to my posts so they bring down the relevance score.

Sure, I use my keywords in the meta descriptions and I even optimize my H1 and H2 tags, but there are small things about each post that I publish that under optimizes them.